When developing a redesign for multiple brands within the same family of products or services, we think it’s crucial to take a good look at everything that’s been created, understand the thinking behind the creation of each piece, and get a good feeling of the brand equity and recognition that has been built up in each piece.

This was the approach we took for our client Fortiva.

Their existing brands and marketing materials had been developed on an as-needed basis by numerous freelancers and agencies over the years, and lacked a cohesive look. They were also developing some new financial products that would need new naming and branding. It made sense to redesign the existing brands to develop a branding look and strategy that the new brands could fit into.

Doing this made good business sense for several reasons:

BRAND EQUITY: The new brands could use the brand equity built up by the existing Fortiva brand.

CONSUMER CLARITY: Sometimes these brands would be seen by consumers in the same place, and because they had such different looks it would cause some confusion (on bills, for example).

BRAND IMPRESSION: Having a family of brands that have a cohesive look helps to create a stronger overall brand impression. It shows sophistication and inspires confidence and trust.

After the brand audit we decided to use some elements from the existing Fortiva branding. It was the brand that had the most visual recognition, and also had elements that would work well across numerous brands. It had a logomark that could be used for the new Fortiva Products, and the logomark could be easily designed to work for YBUY (the other brand in the same brand family). 

The new look expressed Fortiva’s brand while retaining the existing brand equity, and the marketing materials helped their sales team make more dynamic and compelling presentations.